Terms and Conditions

Union Jag aims to make the” hire of our vehicles a most enjoyable experience and the booking process as easy as possible. In order to protect both parties and to avoid disappointment it is essential

Union Jag  Self Drive Hire Terms and Conditions
We reserve the right to refuse to hire any vehicle at our sole discretion.
This agreement is a contract subject to English Law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

1. Driver Requirements
Driver must:

  • 1. Have held a full UK or EU driving licence for not less than 2 years. Overseas licence holders resident in the UK may use their EU licence provided they have not been resident more than 3 years (if you are resident for longer than 3 years you must apply for a UK licence). Drivers from outside EU countries may still use our vehicles at the discretion of our insurers - please contact us in advance of booking. 
  • 2.(a) Have not more than 6 points on their licence (for minor offences, e.g. SP30) committed over the previous 5 years. At our sole discretion, and on application prior to hire, we may refer to our insurer for an extension of cover should this criteria not be met, at additional security deposit.
  • 2.(b) Have not committed any serious offence including, but not limited to, those listed below must be referred to us before booking:
    • BA Disqualified Driver
    • CD Careless Driving
    • DD Dangerous Driving
    • DR Drink/Drug Driving
    • TT Disqualification through totting up points
    • UT Theft or unauthorised taking of a vehicle
    • XX Disqualification through totting up points

At our sole discretion and on application prior to hire, we may refer to our insurer for an extension of cover at additional security deposit.

  • 3. Have not had more than 2 claims (fault or non-fault) for accidents or loss during the previous 3 years.
  • 4. Not be suspended from driving
  • 5. Be in possession of a valid licence which we will require sight of.
  • 6. Not have been refused insurance at any time, nor has had their insurance cancelled.
  • 7. Not be subject to any mental or physical defect or infirmity or suffers from fits, or major medical complaint.
  • 8. Be aged between 25 and 75 years inclusive.
  • 9. Consent to verification of information provided by to us via DVLA or any other source.
  • 10. Disclose all relevant information on our Insurance Proposal form as failure to do so may render our insurance policy invalid or rejection of any claim and we will therefore hold you solely responsible for any losses, including consequential loss, damages and legal fees resultant for which you agree to indemnify us.
  • 11. Provide a security deposit of £500  at the time of hire. We reserve the right to increase the security deposit for non-EU drivers. This will be in the form of a credit card for which we will obtain a pre-authorised code for the surety amount. This will cover any excess due on the insurance policy should an accident or damage occur or will offset any additional charges due in respect of items not covered by our insurance including; damage to tyres, clutch or wheels. Other additional charges will be incurred if the vehicle is returned with a petrol tank shortfall. If no additional charges are due the security deposit will be returned in full to Customer.
  • 12. Provide two forms of identification, in addition to original driving licence, of which one must be photographic (e.g. passport) and the other must identify the drivers permanent residence (e.g. utility bill). Copies must be provided at the time of booking and originals must be available on the day of hire.
  • 13. Consent to a photograph being taken at the time of hire.
  • 14. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 consent to records being held in order that we can apprise Driver of our other offers and services.
  • 15. Be responsible for any fines, penalties, court costs or other expenses imposed on us arising from the use of the vehicle during the hire period, except insofar that the court action is the fault of Union Jag
  • 16. Use all security devices fitted to or otherwise made available for the safekeeping of the vehicle.
  • 17. Comply with the Highway Code and all laws pertaining to the Road Traffic Act whilst using the vehicle.
  • 18. Indemnify Union Jag in the event of any parking fines and/or loss of earnings whilst the vehicle in impounded as a result of the fault of the driver.
  • 19. Be fit to drive and not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst using the vehicle. Drugs shall be deemed to include any medication, prescribed or not, which on the written advice of the supplier may cause drowsiness.
  • 20. Report any accident or theft to the police immediately and obtain a crime reference number. Accidents are only reportable where they cause damage to property and/or injury to persons and certain categories of domestic animal or livestock.
  • 21. Advise us immediately on 00447903559505 of the accident or theft and police crime reference number in order that we can expedite the matter with our insurers.
  • 22. Obtain names and addresses of witnesses to any accident involving our vehicle in addition to any third party involved in the accident.
  • 23. Not make any admission of liability in respect to any accident howsoever caused and must render every assistance to us and our insurers with respect to any proceedings that may be taken.
  • 24. Complete the Accident Report form contained in the vehicle and deliver to us within 12 hours of the incident
  • 25. Not leave the scene of the accident unless necessary in order to receive medical treatment until such time as the vehicle is in the safe custody of Union Jag  appointed agent for the purpose of repair or recovery.
  • 26. Inform us immediately of any fault or failure of a component part of the vehicle.
  • 27. Sign a copy of these terms and conditions.

2. Customer Requirements
Customer Must:

  • 1.Provide a deposit at the time of booking to secure the vehicle of choice. The amount will vary in accordance with our tariff which may be amended from time to time but will be not less than 25% of the hire charge. The balance of hire charge is payable 14 days prior to commencement of the hire period.
  • 2.Pay the full amount in respect of a Gift Voucher at the time of purchase.
  • 3.Nominate Driver(s) at time of Booking. Additional Drivers may be added at a charge of £15 per person per day provided they meet the criteria described in “1. Driver Requirements”, above, in full.
  • 4.Consent to verification of information provided by you via credit agencies or any other source.
  • 5.Under the Data Protection Act 1998 consent to records being held in order that we can apprise Customer of our other offers and services.
  • 6.Give at least 28 days notice of cancellation for which an administration charge of £50 will be incurred. Notice received less that 28 days from date of hire will incur the full hire charge in accordance with the tariff for that vehicle and no refund shall be due.
  • 7.Use Gift Vouchers within a twelve month period from date of issue. Gift Vouchers are transferable for both Driver (provided criteria of Driver Requirements under 1 is met) and vehicle but no refund shall be due in respect of unused Vouchers.
  • 8.Be responsible for their personal property left on our premises or in our vehicle. We will not be liable for any loss or damage unless it can be shown to be the result of our negligence.
  • 9.A booking (verbal or written) will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

3. Vehicle Restrictions
Vehicle may not be:

  • 1.Driven by anyone other than the Nominated Driver(s).
  • 2.Left unlocked or insecure whilst unattended. All security devices that are provided must have been in use whilst unattended.
  • 3.Driven recklessly in a manner likely to cause personal injury, damage to the vehicle or any third party. Each vehicle is fitted with a permanently connected Dash Camera which has a G-force sensor. Excessive G-force will be recorded as a file and only 1 file is allowable in any 24 hour period of hire, unless it is to avoid an accident. Files will be reviewed upon return. If there are in excess of the allowable number of files then the deposit will be forfeit. Similarly if the Dash Camera is disabled, for any reason, the deposit will be forfeit.
  • 4.Used for any purpose that is not covered by our Schedule of Insurance a copy of which will be provided to you on request.
  • 5.Used for carrying goods of any description (save for personal luggage), passengers for reward, towing, any motor sport, pets, driving tuition or any illegal purpose.
  • 6.Driven in an un roadworthy condition. The vehicle is provided to you in good roadworthy order but if should it become un roadworthy it must not be used on the public highway. You should immediately inform us of the circumstance and we will arrange for rectification of the cause by ourselves or a third party. Compensation in the form of partial refund and or future hire is available in the event of a breakdown un attributable to the hirer.
  • 7.Driven outside of the United Kingdom, unless agreed with Union Jag
  • 8 All our vehicles are completely non-smoking and additional charges may be applied should smoke damage occur or additional cleaning is required upon the vehicles return.

Vehicle must be:

  • 9.Used solely for social, domestic and pleasure purposes
  • 10.Returned to us in an undamaged condition and containing a full tank of petrol  Super  Unleaded or Premium Unleaded Min 97/98 RON,together with all equipment provided with the vehicle at the time of hire including keys, security devices, maps tools and toolkit. Failure to do so will incur additional charges as described in 1.11

Vehicle is:

  • 11.Hired for successive periods of 24 hours, unless otherwise agreed with Owners and may be collected from our premises. Hire period will not be extended if Hirer / Driver fails to arrive at agreed collection time. Failure to return on time may result in an additional hire period being charged.
  • 12.Available for a maximum mileage of 100 miles per 24 hour period of hire, thereafter mileage shall be charged at the published rate per vehicle per mile.
  • 13.Subject to availability. In the event of mechanical breakdown or circumstances beyond our control whereby the car of your choice is unavailable we will immediately contact the Customer and arrange to provide either a substitute vehicle for the original hire period, or, an alternative date for the chosen vehicle, or a full refund.
  • 14.Available subject to weather conditions. Should we deem weather conditions to be unsuitable or dangerous you may choose to arrange an alternative date for hire or receive full refund.
  • 15.Covered by fully comprehensive insurance and includes Breakdown Direct assistance.
  • 16.Provided with a full tank of petrol and the vehicle must be returned with a full tank. If, however, this is not the case, any shorfall will be charged at the pump price, plus £25.00 + VAT  + administration charge.
  • 17.Available for hire in periods of 24 hours, 4-day weekends, and weekly, unless otherwise agreed, at the tariffs in issue at the time of booking. Hire may be extended subject to availability but cannot be hired for any period in excess of 30 consecutive days.
  • All weather cover provided in the bot of the car  must be used when parked over night.


Union Jag  liability is limited to a refund of the hire charge. No consequential loss liability will be covered

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